Yin & Yang – Trying New

There  is a time to explore higher consciousness.  On the other side we try slowing down our mind to relish beautiful meditation.

Exploring what’s new realms of consciousness is Yang.  With “Yin” we gracefully relax our mind meditating. Those too afraid to grow their inner selves

“Yin” is the recessive quieter side. “Yang” thrives on growing.

Yin leans towards fear, while Yan toward the thrill from from learning and growing.

Studies suggest people fear an unknown outcome more than they may a known bad one. Different people fear different things. One of the biggest inhibitors to our personal growth is looking into our identity. Many people are afraid to even admit they could have lived in a better way before. One’s closed mindedness keeps them more stuck in one way.

However do we wish to stagnate when not meditating  or practicing some spiritual ritual?

Funny if you think about it, most of the things that we fear do not actually come to pass. Further, we are often unable to anticipate the beautiful things that may occur by trying new things and exploring new ideas.  Greater self-actualization comes by opening our mind and soul.

Growth comes from taking action we have yet to take before. Growth can be either taking a new action, or adopting a new perspective on life.  Enjoy the thrill from new ways of thinking and being. A new way of thinking can be a vacation from the old. Frequent self challenges keep us humble and open to innovative growth.

Watch the short video on keeping the mind open in life, while calming the mind when meditating and practicing spiritual rituals.

 Exploring what is new is synonymous with self-improvement.