Free Rooms For Spiritual, Intellectual & Creative Meetings

Free Meeting Spaces In Both Fairfield & Napa Nature Retreat
Innovation Institute Offers 5 Conference Rooms Available

We help make a better world for a wide range of non-profits and spiritual groups.  Recently helped save and launch a site impaired training center. Loving people from all beliefs and backgrounds are welcome to apply. Free WIFI, hot beverages and receptionist to greet your visitors.  Fairfield’s meeting room rentals are 38+ minutes from San Francisco during normal traffic, and always 15+ minutes to the Napa retreat house thru beautiful country roads. We can volunteers including consultants with diverse outside non profit orgs.

CreativeSpiritualism-768x576Innovation Institute’s Office

Other Locations: Others offering their homes for spiritual gatherings in the SF Bay Area, and commercial conference rooms for rent are asked to call 707 427-6443

What Is Your Spiritual Orientation? Free Meeting Space Rentals & Consulting Available For StartUp Non Profits Into Any Of The Following:


Academics into spirituality.

Artists portraying spiritual experiences. 2D and 3D art. Spiritual music composers. Volunteer to build a ceramic kiln.

Audio: Harmonic sound healing through humming and touching your arms.


Beyond religious paradigms. Higher consciousness with or without restrictive religious dogmas you choose to follow.

Body Centered Therapy, Body Harmony, Body Imaging Enhancement, Body Integration: Body Mapping Techniques, Body Mind. Connect with your body using mother nature’s help.

Buddhism: Buddhist psychology, etc

Bullying of creative intellectuals who despite their compassion don’t fit stereotypical behavioral molds. Solutions focus.


Ceramics: studio to build your wood kiln in wooded hills.

Chanting: Nurturing connectedness with others

Cinematography: innovative videos on transformation

Composing music specifically designed to enhance listener’s spiritual rhythm

Cooking innovative dinners with topic focused conversations.


Drumming circle: Creative harmony and brilliant higher conscious experiences


Enhance creative thinking: transcend writers block

Enneagram: Understand others and yourself through ancient methods. Alternative to field of psychology over focused on pathology.
Ethics: The foundation for nurturing relationships.


Graphic arts online: Integrating spiritual essences


Harmony & Love

Heart Centered Rebalancing

gordon valley napaI

Innovating the concept of self-help. Transcending the 1960’s based paradigm.

Innovation: the socio psychological aspects of trust and fear

Integrating science with the “God” experience

Intellectuals starting up their own web businesses working from home or incubator

Inventing: Electronics for helping our planet


Labels: Transcending labels. Straight, Gay, Country of origin. What are your thoughts?


Living in the moment. Reflecting upon Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now”.

Loving communication: connecting


Qi Gong or innovated Japanese Noh movements


Mantra: your inner spirit and the different mantras you may give yourself



Music playing and composition designed to enhance people’s well being


Nature walks. Rapturing in nature.

New Age Inner Work


Open-mindedness: Why is it that everyone thinks they are more open minded than others?

Organic food growing. Winter and Summer vegetables. Sorry no pot.


Painting with gentle water colors

Philosophical perspectives on genius insight, love and serenity.

Poetry: writing and sharing poetry which entices and inspires others.


Subtle humor: Healing effects from loose happy lightness.

Sufi and other alternative higher consciousness venues


Walking meditation. On site methods including Innovative Labyrinth  ™


Yin and Yang: Dancing on the balance


Zen: Fresh perspectives

Zen Play: light improvisation.

Two Free Locations: Use one or both great San Francisco bay area locations for your meetings.

  • Nature Retreat: Several acres surrounded by pristine oak hills. Between Novato, Downtown Napa, Davis and Berkeley near where highways 80 and 12 intersect. As this is a sacred space money is not charged on the premises. Possible outdoor hot tub access. Indoor and outdoor options. What you do in the other space is your choice.
  • Professional Meeting Rooms: Set meeting chairs as you like. Class room, circle style, etc. Free hot beverage machine for many different choices. You are allowed to charge your visitors and keep whatever you like at the office building near the nature house.
  • Landlord can’t assume liability. All agreements written to avoid different expectations. Some may be invited to bring sleeping bags for a Napa weekend. Bring your good energy. Join our free gatherings.

Take The First Step. Let’s Help Each Other Create Spiritual Gatherings On Different Topics!
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