Writing Therapeutic Pieces: LGBTQ & Straight Oriented

Unique Art Of Writing Therapeutic Pieces

Transcend Writers Block      Windows To Higher Consciousness

Traditional or Light Erotic  • Inner Angel • Being In Now • Resolution

Love • Fresh Perspective • Beyond Ego
Easier Higher Consciousness Than Rigid Psychology, Philosophy & Religion
Poetry As Spiritual Practice • Free

Introduction To Writing Therapeutic Pieces:
• Therapeutic Poems, LGBTQ Video Script, Short Stories, etc.
• Goal Can Be To Help People Heal Their Inner Feelings & Psychology.
• Integrate Writings With Photo Images You Make
• Healthy Passion Can Be More Influential. Fully or mostly clothed.
• Short pieces 5 to 200 words preferred. Call them poems or pieces.

Gentle Poets or Priests?

Different types of spiritual masters seeking higher consciousness.

Poetry speaks more in fewer words. Less mechanical than prose.

Mantra. Pick a favorite poems for mantras, meditations and prayers.

Poetry Springboard: Poets are inspired writing therapeutic poems in response to each other’s poems. Join us for free.

Gently and Intelligently
Poetry making loving truth comfortable.

The Best Is Understandable & Moving

Write poetry so it can be understood in the first reading. Don’t need to add strain by purposely making it harder for others to understand.

Unique Guide: Site merges wisdom from poetic masters, psychology, philosophy and theology. Steve Kays’ synergy innovates stale thinking in personal growth often stuck in 1960’s group think.

Transcend Rigid Psychology – Philosophy – Religion
Imagining higher consciousness in new beautiful experiences. Poetry soothing the heart – different from rigid psychology, philosophy and perhaps some religious sects. Poetry strengthens spiritual practice. Both are weakened when separated.

Therapeutic Poetry Writing Guide
Written In Poetic Format For Better Absorption. Free.
Organized By Topic

Inner Angel Speaking Through Your Poems. Being Your Own Guru.

Poem’s Magical Truth
Comes from within yourself.

Closing My Eyes To
Gently open my discerning higher consciousness.

Universe of awareness is within your discerning loving heart.

Seeking Guidance:
Closing my eyes. Visualizing a magical sanctuary.
In the safe opening, my wise angel appears.
With open mind and soul, I hear her answers that stem from the universe.

Poetry explores spiritual unions between people and a magical all-knowing higher power.

Answers Are Bypassing Mental Filters.

Being at one with my angel

Angel asked my deep questions

Being open to however it replies without judgement.

Transcending Ego. Aligning With Muse’s Universe

Divine: Toning down the ego

Letting my divine poet flow.

My Two Inner Voices
Loudly one half can speak.

But delicately I listen to my softer deeper voice’s wisdom.

Holding hands in harmony. Feeling delicate balance between both sides.

Healing Yourself & Your Readers

What Happens After Letting Go Of An Upset
My inner poet is painting
An alternative picture. Replacing the gap from what I let go
My life feeling more whole and connected.

Sweet Spot
By getting your inside right, you allow the poem to
Touch you and your readers’ sweet spots.

Innocence Starts Fresh
My inner child healing faster than my past crusty jaded thinking
With innocence I discover afresh

Healing Together
When poet heals themselves
They heal others through the poet’s wisdom.

Gently Opening Emotional Wounds
Psyche hiding and living behind wounds
Discovering beautiful aspects

Writing By Transcending Reason
Heart flourishing when the mind steps back.

Inspiring Your Inner Muse
Introduction To Transcending Poet Writers Block

Natural to sometimes feel profound futility when writing. Steve Kays researched creative thinking blocks since 1980’s when he conceived and helped write best seller “Closing of the American Mind” at University of Chicago.

Also consider finding inspiration by reading poems here or elsewhere. Practice helps.

Divine Inspiration
Springing from beyond the mind.

Fresh View
Finding beauty in what others might have missed.

Poetry’s meditative power in spiritual practice awakens you and makes you more skillful as you navigate life’s rapids.
Inspiration Thru Connecting
Feeling poetic. Connecting me with others I know or dream to know.

My Poetic Delight
Proportional to the room I’m allowing for delight.

Poetry. Getting high without drugs.

Taking Matters Less Seriously
Fresh perspective unfolding

Fresh Perspectives

Something Changed In Me Traveling The Poetic Path
Yesterday something bothered me.
Today I’m fine enough with it.

The Shoulds
Love budding.
By releasing limiting conceptualizations for how love “should” look.
Discovering love in new ways.

Change A Structure. Gaining Fresh Perspective.

Sweetly Transcending Roles
Being beautifully authentic with others. Even tender. Especially when unrestricted to a role.
Are you stuck within a role? Maybe relating to:

  • Rigidity in writing poetry?
  • Alienating readers by making poems harder to read?
  • Labels you may change for yourself as evolving poet.
  • Your role as reader of other’s poems. Maybe start today reading from a different perspective?

Poems Transcending Traditional Poetic Structure
Poetry transcending stiff
Aligning     with the flow of my breathing.
Writing from my conscious flow
Rather than from artificial signposts of punctuation.

Beautiful echoing from my poem’s rhymes.
Or taking a new version of the poem to another dimension with more breath than echoes.

Poem Taking It’s Own Structure As I Write:
Oh how and why do the poems work in me like they do?
The choice of words and their sequence.
Deeply refreshing.

Poets Writing Poems To Each Other
For Inspiration & Connection

Waiting for your soul’s poem. My friendly poem will dance in reply to your divine poetry.

Writing Each Other In Our Poem Chain
Getting to know each other in love and beauty. Sending each other poems.
Sweetly responding to focused lines from each other’s poems that inspire us most.
Beautiful chain of poems.

Let’s Open Windows
Waiting to see the beautiful way your responding poem sees my poem.

In The Now

Poetic inspiration. Strongly felt in the moment.
Poetry has everything to do with this moment’s state of consciousness.
For the expresser and observer in us all.

Lost in Thought.
Missed the beautiful moment.
Just woke up.

Poetry From Unwavering Presence In The Moment.
Inspirational energy not lost to the past or future.

Courage To Write Poetry

Beautiful Refuge
Poetry accepting my spontaneous bursts of writing.
Safe refuge for my courage.

Pursuing My Dreams.
Finding courage to pursue them by transcending fear.
No longer wondering how wonderful it would be if I made the steps.
Beauty unfolding as I write.

Effect Your Poetry Might Have

Greater understanding of one’s beautiful inner self.


Creating community.

Delicate responsibility to others.

Better listeners and wiser talkers.

Tolerance becoming easier.

New ways of experiencing pleasure of connecting with people.

Inner stillness. Clearing mind and soul

Defining and moving towards spiritual goals.

Shaping spiritual practice.

Inspiring to live life more fully.

Creating Peaceful Resolution

Writing towards achieving greater inner peace.
Coming from my timeless perspective.

Poetry journeying through curious paths.
Leading to calming center that’s freer.
Allowing one to most open and alive.

Golden Median
Allowing my inner therapeutic angel to whisper her suggestion into my ear. Glad I remembered she is always there, even if I forget to listen.
Angel suggesting without commandment. Showing the easier golden median path.

Simple Side Of Life
Sometimes finding peace hiding with the insignificant.

After Gravity
Ridding myself of obstacles weighing me down from higher self.
Transcending those lesser things. Gaining mountain peaks of insights.

Realizing Loving Kindness
Ideally the lines of your poems
Eventually lead to greater acceptance and love

Poet Working With Sadness

Knowing How To Be Happy And Sad
Discovering new ways.

Lost In Dark Clouds
Bigger than myself
Poetry’s journey. Bringing perspectives at each turn.
No longer as encompassing as I discover paths.
Seeing its beautiful shape as less than everything.

Simplify The Complicated
Not letting details detract from the zen beauty.

Heart to Heart
Why stress readers to decipher the words?
Teasing the mind.  Hurting the heart.
Coming back to simple heart.

Like Perfume
Refining spiritual’s essence.

Golden Dust
Stark simplicity feels mechanical
Sprinkle magical words.

As You Simplify
Consciousness feels simpler.

Beauty Is
Saying more with less.

Therapy To Transcend That Feeling Of Being

Stuck In Some State Of Mind
The magical key toward beautiful perspectives.
Waiting to be discovered inside myself.

Poetry Is My Salvation
Trapped if forgetting my muse is there to rescue.

Unfolding the tightly held outer flower petals opening.
Discovering inner beautiful truth.
Without judging how the flower was living before.
Beauty in each unfolding moment.

Kindly Submit Your Poems    Share Your Inner Wisdom


Beauty Is In Between

Hearing though spaces between modern day’s external distractions.

Poetic Language Enables Your Spiritual Journey.

Traveling figuratively. Without necessarily traveling anywhere today physically.

Poetic film making. Poetic scriptwriters and actors wanted.

Naturally, poetry or dialogue with Innovation Institute, Inc and affiliated creative thinkers aren’t meant to displace help from licensed healing practitioners. Did you know medical students study poetry as it helps connect with patients?

As Modern Day May Not Satisfy Deep Yearnings.
We hunger to share our spiritual experience into poetic communication every day. Free to join us. Innovation Institute, Inc is non-profit with minimal focus on monetary demands.

May your poems instill paths to loving kindness.

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Today, explore therapeutic poems and quotes throughout this site.