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Step Outside “Group Think”
Transcend Culturally Bound Thought Patterns

Nurture Your Inner Flow

How Society Influences People To Think In Limiting Ways.
Enjoy Transcending Routine Thinking.

Step Out Then Step Into Precious States Of Mind:
Let Nature Release Any Trappings Of Group Think…

Mother nature transcends the trappings of modern culture. Enlightening poetry can as well. Detach yourself from materialism and chit chat. Reconnect with your inner home through poetic discovery.

Be Still In Nature. Connect with nature so as to drown out the trash culture put into your mind. Nature comes from eternity and transcends “mind junk”.

Connect With Your Eternal Truths: Different cultures instill different types of group think.  Groups think they are right and others are less right. Place eternal feelings of love, honesty and trust over superficial “group think”.

   Stepping Out: Why Most Fear To Step Outside Group Think…

Fearing Those Who Speak The Truth: People will love or hate you for being forward with the truth. People self identifying with group think fear being naked without group think such as copying what others say. Robotic people can fear truthful poetry that transcends barriers.

Common Person’s Fear Of Difference: Most people feel threatened by what they don’t understand. Urban culture helps them hide from pure higher consciousness.

Healthy Humans Desire Companionship: Like most mammals, human beings evolved to become social creatures. We were more likely to survive in groups. The desire for trusting companionship is in our DNA. Pick a community that cherishes individuality.


Cultural Thought Patterns: From a young age, society influences how people think. This instilled social fabric is known as a “culturally bound thought pattern”. It promotes group cohesion at a cost. The adopted thinking patterns helps keep society from devolving into complete chaos. However the dilemma is it instills conformist thinking at the cost of restraining free creative thinking.

Social Reality: The world is a lonely place when ignoring social thought conventions. History shows society can be very unforgiving towards nonconformist geniuses. Yet it is the non conformist that innovates cultures over time. Find your home with fellow innovators bored with culturally bound conformist thinking.

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The flexible creative mind can try to adapt their innovative ideas in a less threatening manner. Common people fear radical change or truthful poetry, as they might hurt their standing in the physical or social world. Respecting this may let your creative ideas go much further.

Otherwise Bored: Many creative people enjoy the thrill of shocking others with their brilliance. Friction may be their modus operandi.

Educational Institutions: To what level do today’s educators nurture creative thinking?

Stop Fighting: If one could only teach people to better understand each other. For example, if all of Israel’s Jews would know how to talk calmly to Arabs… And if all Palestinian Arabs learned how to listen to the idea for peace with fellow Jews, the region could be a healthier place. Is drama part of the group think duality?


Narcissism: We can focus more on what’s good for society than what is best for the individual.

Conformist Thinking: Be able to think outside the ways culture has taught you to think. If you wish to connect with others, maybe communicate within their culturally tied mindsets.

   Keeping One Foot In & One Foot Out: Surviving In Group Think Culture

What’s rarely taught clearly to gifted souls growing up. Gets easier with practice.

Times in life require us to play along the group think mode, be it earning a living, or not wishing to upset those unaccustomed to free thinking.

First Lesson: Learn your culture’s group think, be it an aborigine’s subculture for mothers, or say one of San Francisco’s many sub-cultures such as the “plastic spiritual movement”. What’s “in”, and what’s “out”?
-It’s often more effective for plastic single women to boss others with dogma copied from self help books. than for sweet aborigine women to boss others on spirituality.
-The mothers might gain more influence by being sweet and loving. If a “plastic subculture” is controlled by “tough spiritual correctness”, the plastics value strong usage of spiritual sound bytes that are the current trend. While a the mother’s sweetness nurtures nice feelings with others, it can be construed as lacking toughness by the plastics.

Second Lesson: People who only understand “group think” find it difficult to think any other way. Original thinkers, and those from other cultures require more patience and practice. Non conformists require more effort and focus to flock like other ducks to water. Flocking with others may feel more natural by doing it with love and without condescension. Takes practice and lots of patience to keep it sweet. But if you’re into connecting with robotic spiritualists, better learn how to use your spirituality whip to work your way up to the top of the group.

Ask Steven Kays who conceived 1987’s bestseller “Closing of the American Mind”, how you can help research, write, edit and translate the book

“Stepping Out & Stepping In – Higher Consciousness”.

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