Intelligence Is A Mindset

Get Into Your Bright Spiritual Flow

Genius is only a mindset. Love and imagination are values that may supersede intelligence.

An intelligent person is often forced to be with those less gifted. Compassion and patience makes it better.

Great genius includes a mixture of madness. Sadly the madness has taken over many a genius.

The intelligent may find greater connection with others when letting go of the ego.

Emotions may respond faster than one’s thinking brain.

Intellectuals are often incapable of simplifying things. Simplification can be a beautiful art kindly adapted to others’ mindsets.

The world may tolerate stupidity, but can be very unforgiving for those thinking too far outside the listener’s box. You don’t have to be a Mensa member to often see this.

The world is comprised of patterns. These forms take shape in many ways. Intelligent people see patterns in the world others may miss. Those who respond to the phrase “think outside the box”, with “there are no boxes” ignore the fact that the universe is about patterns. It is ignorant to think one can do anything without limit. A creative person will through instinct stops before crossing some line, or they will crash.

There are many types of intelligence. You don’t need to join Mensa. IQ tests are limited in scope. Not getting caught in the many traps of being too creative is another form of intelligence.

There is more to intelligence than getting a high score on a Mensa IQ test. Members from San Francisco Mensa enjoy our free events.

You don’t have to join Mensa or other creative thinking groups as their are alternative ways of meeting and joining like minded intellectuals online.

Kind geniuses seeking to learn social intelligence are good with forgiving others for what they may lack.

Humans may know so much, but do so little with it. Ridiculous wars and global warming are just two examples.

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