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Quotes On Professionals Thinking With An Open Mind
Follow Likeminded Souls & Avoid The Junk

Follow those who have more to say than the run of the mill. Discover philosophical poetry and more.

Getting Through The Day:
One might deal with life’s lack of creative openness and ethics by tweeting. We feel better when connecting with like minds.

Haiku can fit within short postings.

Making Like Minded Friends:
A great place to find and meet less conventional contemplators. One reduces twitter noise by following quality people following your favorite tweeters. Those who often follow others might be more likely to follow you back. Share, re-tweet and connect with like minded people.

You never know. People including those tied with our community make mistakes on social media. Tweets are at best debatable opinions.


Beauty in simplicity:
There’s an art to simplifying the complicated. Condensing your ideas to 140 characters can focus the mind. And if you have more to say add a link.

Stimulate your creative mind by reading and writing on social media.
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