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Explore human potential. Discover unrealized human capacities at the edge of consciousness. Raised in Japan, inventor Steven Kays blends Eastern and Western spirituality. He innovates a unique blend of psychology, cultural anthropology and sociology in a gorgeous natural environment. Therapeutic poetry.

We transcend from the way culture has taught us to think about spirituality.  By releasing the layers upon layers of restraint culture instills in us, we become freer and more creative. Steven conceived over 10,000 diverse inventions in electronics, and filed the world’s largest patent applications.

Napa During Enchanting Green Season

Topics We Explore

What Is It Like Being More Creative Than Many In Society Today?

Poetic Therapy:
Redefining poetry and therapy. Transcending old paradigms in psychology and philosophy. Magical ways to discover our inner truths.

Pseudo Freedom:
Can one really believe it when they hear others tell you to be yourself?  What they really mean is be yourself as long as you meet my robotic expectations. Groups of people and animals converge by finding harmonious connections, it’s people who may however proscribe phony freedom.

Communicating Where Most Can’t:
Curious Communication Gaps Between Differing Mindsets. Strategies for explaining yourself to people of different mindsets is something rarely discussed. Enlightening poetry communicates transcends normal discourse and prose. Explore why the strategies are rarely discussed.

Dumbing Down:
Ways gifted people may simplify things to create a less alienating atmosphere. How gifted people often unconsciously dumb themselves down to fit in and thereby lose touch with their inner spirit. Need the alternative to dumbing down always have to be inner stress or loss of rapport with others?

God as a poetic experience. Looking beyond institutionalize religion thru spiritual poems.

Spiritual rituals:
How ritual can calm the mind clutter, bringing people closer to higher consciousness. Design and sticking to your own poetic rituals and mantras for self-actualization.


Innovating the walking meditation practice. Fresh perspectives.

Shedding Layers Through Improvisation:
Improvisational exercises to enhance your creativity, and unshackle layers of inner stagnation. Unique methods like Zen Play ™.

Group Think & Group Cohesion:
New perspectives related to the best seller “Closing of the American Mind” Steve helped conceive. For example why do the self help communities usually avoid and few suggestions for the topics we offer without charge.

Personal growth culture needs refreshing ideas:
Huge advances were made in the 1960’s. How personal growth has sometimes turned into a tool to beat people down (akin to bible bashing). Transcending the stagnation.

Politics of Innovation:
Adapting innovation to the mindsets of people in the target culture. Addresses fears people have for change. However pressures big business put on stamping out innovation are another matter.

Hundreds of other topics on peopling the layers placed on us from our cultural environment.

As the sessions are completely free, bright spiritual people are free from a teacher’s financial requirements. Donations to reimburse food costs not required. Arrive before the sessions to enjoy the breath taking natural beauty. Just bring yourself, or bring friends. Bring a towel and swim suit if you enjoy hot tubs. Food provided. Leave your checkbook at home.

Only 50+ Min North of SF. Call ‭(707) 690-0844

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