Possible Future Projects

White water lily and lily pad on water ** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes
Let’s hang out and do interesting things together. It’s free of dogma and profiteering. Draft Ideas For You To Take Charge Over.

Therapeutic Poets:
Write delightful pieces about love, delicate higher consciousness and oneness with nature. Relax here. Consider publishing your pieces on this site and our social media. Make links to your pieces from our blogs, Steven’s FaceBook, his Twitter, and Innovation Institute’s Twitter. Let’s make a new Word Press site..!

Composing Spiritual Sounds:
Make gentle heart warming instrumental sounds. Electronic and traditional instruments of almost any type can work. Music can be played together or solo. Gentle voices for singing also invited.

Interesting Artistic Projects:
• Paint abstracts and murals on the house’s indoor and outdoor walls.
• Create art to accompany spiritual poems, or poems to accompany inspiring art, music or independent film making.
• Sculptures: Create wood sculptures for indoors from seasoned oak found in the property.  Or make outdoor sculptures from weather resistant materials.
• Incorporate the property’s natural materials: oak branches, bay leaves, acorns, moss, lichen, grasses, winter red toyon berries…!
• Pieces designed to inspire your viewer’s imaginative inspiration. Explore discussions on different facets influencing imaginative flow.
• What you enjoy creating naturally.

Seamless bright background. Decorative geometric pattern with doodle circles. Seamless pattern can be used for wallpaper pattern fills web page background surface textures kids design. Hand-drawn vector illustration.Spiritual Social Media:
Write about what you enjoy, including: your discoveries about higher consciousness, psychology, mindfulness, the imaginative soul, our free spiritual nature retreat house gatherings, etc.

Spiritual Video Production:
Produce videos on and off site. Cover higher consciousness topics discussed in greater detail than this website. A good smart phone and basic video editing can work. Post on YouTube.

Winter / Summer Vegetable Farmer:
In winter opt for broccoli, cabbage, collards, green onions, kale, kohlrabi, onions, parsley, peas, radishes, spinach, turnips and leeks. Use stock of organic seeds. Produce is for the community and not sold for cash. Over 25 potted fruit and nut trees were planted in spring 2018.

Plant fruit and native trees.  Plant grapes and install trellising. Fencing.

Landscape Sculpture Artist:
Make art pieces blending with the beautiful nature. Use weather resistant materials.

Handy Lady Or Handy Man:
Greenhouse for growing food. Air tight storage sheds (10 ft by 10 ft). General repairs and remodeling. Suggest what you would like to do..!

Play Chef:
Make dinner for smallish spiritual Saturday parties. BBQ for chicken and vegies.  Salad and main dish.  Just the foods ingredient budget alone is $12-15 per person, plus wine, etc. Smaller meals between Fri 4PM thru Mon 10AM.

From English to: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. Translate future books. Write video captions.

Chop Wood:
Lots of seasoned wood on the acreage. Chain saw or split dead trees. Use in fireplace instead of heating through non renewable fossil fuels.

Chicken & Future Sheep Farming:
We’re raising organic eggs the vegetarian way. Help set up non-commercial dairy farming on over 2 acres. If you like, learn how to train chickens and sheep.. Their DNA are predisposed towards being friendly. Share the eggs and sheep cheese.

Open to your other suggestions!
Strictly non dogma, non-commercial. Enjoy wine instead of illicit drugs. Volunteering reduces costs and makes things sustainable. Did you know it takes much more time and money to live in the country – and it’s more interesting than time in urban houses? If you by chance opt to live in the community house, volunteering can be in addition to the low rent payments, helping defray costs. Important to keep agreements in writing for it’s otherwise too easy to forget all the parts and get upset. Try to keep things sane by not doing trade of services, or renting space for anything but living here with us.

alternative higher consciousness
Interested and curious about what makes physical centers and communities spiritual?  Help further innovate the standardized 1960’s spiritual movement.

Get involved with the research, discussion and writing project in one of different ways:

  • Share what works better from your experience
  • Do research online
  • Write a chapter of the book
  • Help edit
  • Translate into Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and/or Portuguese. First it will be machine translated, then edited by people.

Innovating Spiritual Centers – Interesting Unique Topics
You are also invited to help redraft this page.

Create Short Films Or Other Works:

– How money (donations) can adulterate ideal spiritual goals.
– Transcending closed mindedness without inducing too much chaos.
– Intercultural: People from different countries.
– Perspectives from: Cultural anthropology, sociology and opening the mind.
– Dealing with other’s false impressions about there being a cult.
– Making peaceful neighbors who may or may not believe in God, etc.
– Today’s evolving definitions of “family”.
– Why gifted adults prefer living together in an external world that often doesn’t understand them.
– Core people living together on a single plot of land.
– Spiritual gatherings with visitors to the center.
– Stepping away from the materialistic world
– Politically unpopular position that illicit drugs are not the way to higher consciousness, E.G. marijuana
– Attracting people who are gentle, kind and considerate. Californian culture often attracts people who get lost in the materialistic world, and become semi-robotic money making machines accustomed to shouting (even when no longer on cell phones).
– Similarities between souls visiting spiritual centers, and those who work outside and come home and live together and join spiritual gatherings also attended by visitors.
– Repetitive commercialization of today’s 1960’s based spiritual movement. It makes some jaded.
– Those seeking to prove God exists, might consider God is an experience, transcending humanized churches and bibles.
– Theological Chaos: How many people lose faith in the human constructed version of God they follow, when seeing other religions. Each claiming to be the only true religion.
— What do you suggest?

Explore how the different points can come together to nurture spiritual communities. Write for those who seek to transcend feeling jaded about the 1960’s based self actualization movement.


Filming or Writing Project Background:
Share your positive feedback on how to start and run non-denominational spiritual centers.

Also receive input from different sources including our new non profit Napa retreat house for gentle, considerate, and spiritually evolved adults one hour north of San Francisco Bay Bridge (without traffic) in Napa countryside.
The book might comprise around 100 pages or as you might see fit. Would like your book completed by the end of the year.

International Target Audiences For The Project:
Well educated people looking for more in life. It’s for people who have outgrown an unsettled phase in their lives, are intellectually and spiritually vibrant, and are aged 35 thru 65+. Those who appreciate peace, but not necessarily looking for their last and only place for community or spiritual inquiry.

Receive a fair share of any profits from the non-profit work. Steve Kays the organizer is volunteering his time and moderate expenses. Will be shared with people who make significant contributions. Discovering new ideas is more interesting than writing for the widest possible audience to make profits.

Translations: Plan to use machine translations later proofed by humans. Possible languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

We are open to people with all friendly philosophies and religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Naturalists (paganism from thousands of years ago), Hindu, etc.

Therapeutic Poetry: We also are focused on therapeutic poetry. Our healing poems are shown to help aspiring souls by complimenting philosophy and psychology. Explore the synergistic wonders by integrating spiritual poems, philosophy and psychology.

About the book writing project organizer, Steve Kays:
Steve helped write 1987’s best seller “Closing of the American Mind” with professor Allan Bloom. He also conceived many new ideas readily adopted in today’s electronic gizmo world. Subjects from the early 1990’s include: system user psychology analyzers (machine learning), adaptive learning, communications and a new Invention Language ™ for cost effectively developing international patent applications. Steve developed the world’s largest known patent applications.
SpiritualPhilosophySunset copyWhat Inspires You? Make It Happen In Mother Nature.
Let Steve know the type of work you’ll enjoy chipping in. Maybe come and spend the weekend here and join our weekend gatherings.
Call +1 707 624-6747 California Time GMT-7