Nature Home $500 To $980+ Mo.

Enjoy Like Minded Spiritual Souls
Foreigners Welcome!

Much More Than A Living Space
Rarely Available Bay Area Country Property
Below Market 

Live In Best Of Both Worlds:
Best nature retreat deal within 36+ min of Berkeley.

• Secluded on several or more acres. Surrounded by miles of untouched wooded hills.
• Near civilization without congestion or tourists. Almost see San Francisco bay.
• Feels “off the grid” away from traffic noise. Enjoys municipal internet, water, electricity and paved roads.
• The real deal. What you see here is what you get.
• Poetic and spiritual, loving energy. Free of dogma and politics.
• Enjoy like-minded bright open-minded spiritual souls who think for themselves and care about others. Feel comfortable to open up, be yourself, and relax.
• Join us in keeping the sanctuary clean, and quiet (especially at night).
• Help grow organic vegetables. Or set up your free non-commercial permaculture greenhouse with some assistance. Trained pet hens coming.

Vallejo spiritual group
More Than Just A House
. Summer morning’s view from deck. Meet like-minded bright, creative people from all spiritual walks of life and countries. Make it your gentle home without a money driven owner “toughly land lording” over you.


Enjoy transcending group thinking? We’re simply looking for friendly people. Bring your fresh innovative ideas about community living in nature. Hang out with straightforward, like-minded souls.

Gentle Sanctuary Is For Loving People Who:
• Want to share living with intelligent spiritual community in nature.
• Have positive experiences living with adults.
• Ethical, and maybe to a fault too honest.
• Nurtural healthy communication.
• Live a health life spiritually, mentally, exercise and diet.
• Enjoy chipping in. We clearly are not for free loaders. We’re not a charity or religious sect.
• Enjoy like minded adults. Children can occasionally visit.
• Have good credit showing responsibility. Focus on your spirituality instead of making a mint to pay rent.  Limited “mental baggage” can be brought on board. Rent is kept very low.

Nature Property At Half Market Value: Transcend Living In Urban Jungle
Includes utilities, hot tub, fireplace, and more. Zero storage locker fees. Private guest room may sometimes be available for you and guests. Environmental protection limits country houses within San Francisco Bay Area. Much more than just a house! Roam nature surrounding our sanctuary. Relax. We encourage occasional sleeping bags and tents as well.

Nature Privacy:
Great private views looking from bedroom windows, deck and yard. Enjoy property’s countless nature nooks.

Option 1. Private Room.
Great views.! All utilities including a shared landline are capped at $140 mo per person. The rent is only $840.
• Today’s market value for a nature house with buffer from surrounding Bay Area sprawl is roughly a million. Great deal!

Option 2. Super Large Room Shared:
Great views.!. $500 mo with one other gentle, quiet and spiritual soul. Bring a friend.  Or get to know, relax with, and enjoy future roommates you agree to live. Three closets plus ample garage storage. Big enough for three people. Includes utilities. Gorgeous property, surrounding nature and much more. Plus $140 for utilities, etc.

We’re very flexible, yet firm on the already reduced rent. We don’t want to break any laws including California’s restrictions on any mobile home apparatuses. Our nature buffer exists because surrounding land under 1/2 square mile is restricted from being subdivided for housing. Lack of housing like ours near highway 80, drives up costs.

Extra Reasons To Live In The Property:
One of the most gorgeous and views with privacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hot tub with views during the day and easily seen stars at night. Great view deck. Spiritual gatherings away from urban noise and stress. Trail nearby with fantastic views. More than enough land to grow organic food. Lots and lots of storage. Great sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag, with optional tent. Bubbling brook during rainy season. Place our park benches in secluded places under the oak trees. More..!

Very well trained pets are encouraged. Normally zero pet deposit. $85 Mo.

BuddhismHuge Moving Truck Took The Short Narrow Winding Paved Road Up

Experience Sounds Of Nature:
• Early summer: Cicada like sounding small insects.
• Summer: Crickets.
• Rainy Season: Frogs. Often hear seasonal brook from the bedrooms. It runs into year round creek nearby.
• Year round: Wilderness free of constant urban noise. Baby foxes, dogs from distant property (uncontrolled dogs not welcome inside), and occasionally coyotes, birds especially those eating winter Toyan Berries. Many large gracious birds swishing nearby.  One distant neighbor, usually when adult is playing with kids. Our Napa Gordon Valley often shields high winds.



Free Gatherings. Nice conversations on higher consciousness. Optional star gazing from hot tub. After we know each other, maybe bring a sleeping bag and pillow for different soft surface sleeping options. Feel comfortable bringing friends! Call today for the gentle sanctuary’s private address.

roommates passionate morning fog
Mon-Sun 9AM – 9PM
Call Steven Craig Kays Today Leave a message 707 422-2565

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