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More Poems From Steve Kays

Calm In Wild Café
I’m reflecting upon inner peace and connecting with balanced people.  Lady in cafe’s background shouting on her phone.  Meanwhile I’m rejuvenating my calm inner child – juxtaposing with her wildness. Observing her with less judgement, like leaves blowing.  Proud I can feel centered and good without being caught in that unneeded stress.

Not Letting Other’s Mud Land On Myself
Keeping my inner beauty. Not letting others with their less than ideal attitudes and glazed eyes effect my soul. Feeling like a happy child – aspiring for pure goodness with others. Yet having a beautiful firm wall from letting others’ wanton negativity effect my inner beauty. My inner calm within the eye of the hurricane.

Gold Fish’s Big Eyes
It’s big beautiful eyes. Seeing everything. Gliding. Taking everything in without judgement.  Playful.

Watching complexities of life fall from above like snowflakes. Each flake having its unique pattern. Watching flakes melt on touching the ground.

Oh, so busy in the city.  Background sounds surround me. My inner soul stays quieter.  Not letting myself get caught into the outer raucous as best I can, when not nurtured by nature. Interesting balanced state of mind. Doing the best I can.

Settling into Humbleness:
Over extended. Overly focused on grandiose dreams.
But now…finding peace and subtle magic being humble. Without struggle or those dashed hopes.  Discovering beauty and refuge in the simple and ordinary. Magically in the moment.

Life is Beautiful:
A nice lonely person feeling distrustful of others.
But we meet. Dropping their guard.  Our growing love. It’s not about you and I. It’s us. We passionately commune, our love growing because we know we really have each other now.