Ivory Tower Too Narrow Minded?

Solo Ivory Tower Need Not Be A
Lonely Place For Bright Spiritual Minds

It might be better to walk with a friend in the dark, than to walk alone in the dark.

Alone we may do little. Together we might do so much more.

It can be magical to be with like minded souls. However might it be better to be isolated, than with bad company?

One might feel more lonely in a room with uncreative people, than when alone.

Being alone too long can be very difficult.

The ability to not feel lonely over extended time periods, can come from feeling nothing at all.


If one is highly creative or intelligent, then why are they alone? The ivory tower often is a secluded place.

We are real when alone with God energy. But we need not be isolated from God.

Single people living in isolation can find friendly roommates to live in community home.

Most creative people want to be very individualistic and also desire deep connection with others.

It’s good to share imaginative ideas with others than be reclusive. We can learn from and inspire friends.

Step out of desolation, we need others to play a symphony.

Love transcends loneliness.

Join Steve in discussing 1987’s bestseller “Closing of the American Mind” he conceived studying under Allan Bloom at University of Chicago. There’s hope. How do you see the future politics of innovation evolving in academia? Free related meetings.

spiritual iq gatheringCall Innovation Institute 707 428-5000. Steve Kays 707 422-2565

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