Types Of Gentle Meditation & Their Benefits

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Creative Writing Meditation: Transcend focusing on the outcome or the thoughts in your writing. By using a hand instrument, focus on the beautiful action of writing poems, on the forming of the letters on the page. You might also be into calligraphy.

Focus On Anything: Smooth into focusing on something. Perhaps you are gently focusing on your natural breathing patterns. How about a tree or thriving plant in your window? Focusing the distractions from street traffic and other cacophony begins to hold less weight if you let it go that way.

Chanting Meditation:Find a tone your inner spirit finds at least some level of harmony with. Select sound that has tingled your inner vibration in the past. Similar to object based meditation. Consider poetic mantras.

Innovative Labyrinth Meditation: First choose a question, theme and focus your analysis thereon. For more advanced meditation practitioners.

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Zen Play Meditation: An innovative gentle form of Chi Gung (Qi Gung) movement, different from rougher Tai Chi. Loosen your body. Then hold it in a comfortable yet non-traditional posture while sitting or laying down. Tune into being loosely comfortable with a less traditional pose which helps transcend normal thought patterns. By playfully and gently taking a poetic posture if you will, you’ll notice ever so subtle different ways of tuning into nature and your higher consciousness.

Zen Meditation – Zasen: Traditional zen meditation. Visit one of the many Japanese Zen temples around the world. Or study Zen and practice it in nature or your home.

Sitting Breath Or Mantra Meditation:
Methods include focusing on breath from your abdomen. Repeating your secret mantra.

Heart Meditation: Consciously cultivate a feeling of love for others and yourself. Variations can be to focus on: enhancing your subtle enchanting side, compassion, gratitude, compassion, humility, fearlessness, and tenderness. Remember the importance of love, without letting others run over you. It is easier to start being open with people you feel are likeminded about love and compassion.

Cosmic Meditation: Enhance your connection with nature on the planet and the skies of the universe. Night time in nature at the time of your choosing is a great way to start.

Light Flame Meditation: Focus on the flame of a candle. Accept the flame’s flickers and your wandering mind. Stay focused on the poetic beauty of the flame.


Enhance Your Life & Being
Changes From Meditation When Done Correctly May Include

Relatively greater peace with the world and yourself

Enhances intuition by deflecting mind distractions

Poetry writing can become softer and more subtly magical

Muscle tensions relax

Deeper understanding of others

Enhances your gentle subtle sides.

Greater self-acceptance.

Higher consciousness connection gently becomes easier

Effects serotonin levels which influences mood

Focus: Reduces “monkey mind” with thoughts going all over the place.

Increased brain wave coherence.

Relaxes our nervous system


Increases sense of responsibility

Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptom improvement

Energy enhancer

Strength and vigor enhancer

Cholesterol levels.

Easier breathing

Slows the aging process

Reduce or cure headaches or migraines

Improved learning ability and memory.

Feel less boxed in.

Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.

Emotional stability.

Helps harmonize relationships in healthier directions

Every person is different. As always check with a licensed medical expert about your health. Which of the benefits do you experience?

Seeing the forest from the trees.

Being more in the present.

Closer attunement with nature

Integrates and synergizes body, mind, spirit in harmony

Opens your mind to how others may think differently from yourself as you become less defensive and fearful of what’s different.

Purifies your soul.

Intelligence. I.Q. isn’t limited to Mensa members or those from top universities.

Keep things in perspective. Keep an open mind.

Less aggressiveness

Listening deeply to others. More empathy.

Reduces restless thinking

Decreases respiratory rate.

Be more in harmony with changes in the natural seasons.

Intimate connections

Improved right and left brain connection.

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Self-actualization becomes easier

Deeper level of physical relaxation.

Exercise tolerance improvement

Improves blood flow and slows the heart rate.

May help accept people who might be abstinent and fail to think things thru fully.

Reduces stress.

Reduces urban road rage

Sex can become more meaningful and less mechanical.

Serenity: peace of mind, happiness

Oneness with nature

Imagination flows with greater enchantment