Classical Music

Classical Music Quotes

“Music is the art of thinking via sounds.” Plato

“Playing Chopin, I feel as if I had been weeping over sins that I had never committed, and mourning over tragedies that were not my own.” Bakunin

“Music gives soul to the universe. Wings to the mind. Flight to the imagination and life to everything” Hugo


“Bach almost persuades me to be a Christian.” Goethe

“Mozart should have composed Faust” Schubert

“The bagpipe inventor was inspired by a guy carrying a cute pig under his arm. Unfortunately, the manmade sound never equaled the purity of the unadulterated sound created by the playful pig.” English Proverb

“[Mozart] roused my admiration when I was young; he caused me to despair when I reached maturity; he is now the comfort of my old age.” Wilson

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” Huxley


“Handel is so great and so simple that no one but a professional musician is unable to understand him.” Oscar Wilde

Handel. “The Jupiter of music … his hallelujahs open the heavens. He utters the word ‘Wonderful’ as if all their trumpets spoke together. …. He comes to earth, to make love amidst nymphs and shepherds (for the beauties of all religions find room within his breast), his strains drip milk and honey, and his love is the youthfulness of the Golden Age.” Butler

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