Creative Discipline

Quotes On Harmony Between Creativity & Order


Spiritual poetry beautifully aligns imagination and order with elegant balance.

Serene Synergy: Creativity and discipline going hand in hand. Works beautifully in poetry.

Creating art requires an inner state of mind that can be self-learned.

Classical symphonies synergize through orchestrated flows.

Unrestrained the mind can be like an octopus on roller skates.

Every rose has a thorn. Discipline teaches us to handle disappointments.

If you don’t take more control over your life, you’ll find more things happening to you.

Join a friendly culture of people who share similar values about imagination and life, and who practice clear responsibilities. Creative group community housing is one of many possibilities.

Power over people differs from leading creative people.

Culture of innovation in business: Many researchers of creativity changed focus from entrepreneurship as the creation of a better mousetrap, to the creative thinking process.

Good art requires knowing when to stop.

Two angels viewing each other as devils.
Have all agreements in writing. Misunderstandings spring from different expectations. Skip the paper and risk avoidable conflict! So often do self ascribed ethical souls point at each other as the devil. Avoid upsets.

Learn why creative people are often misunderstood by others. It’s all the more difficult to get accepted because nearly everyone thinks they are more open-minded than others. While you can be all loving, don’t expect everyone to be equally open-minded, loving and ethical.

Become more self aware. If you don’t take greater control over your flow, your automatic behaviors can conquer you.

Saying less can mean more.

Tuning into the beauty of mother nature and its divinity might help calm restlessness. Listen to the wind or rain.

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