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Free Stress Reduction Parties
Friendly Pot Luck
Cocooned In Nature Between Berkeley & Downtown NapaBerkeley 36+ minTreasure Island 50+ min.

Poetically Spiritual. Buffered from urban sprawl in nature bubble. Relaxation parties. Open spiritual discussions. Often live musicians. Sat-Sun weekend potluck parties. Meet bright likeminded souls. Untouched by recent fires. Pristine nature 365 days a year.

Free from cement jungle nearby

Meet friendly Sweetie & Pie

Enjoys Discussing Gentle Higher Consciousness & Stress Reduction:
Into being free of drama, hidden agendas and dogma? The nature house is open to people from all backgrounds. Do you transcend spiritual structures? Or are you into being Agnostic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist (Zen), JuBu, Pagan, Muslim, Hindu, etc? We’re often in our 50’s or so…

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