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•  Psychology of Love  •  Sociology of Innovation  •  Spirituality in Nature
•  Arts of Transcendence  •  Innovating Meditation
•  Fantasy Exercises Possible As Therapy
•  Innovating A.I.’s Sociological and Psychological Effects  •  Futurology
•  Enchantment – Spontaneous Therapeutic Poetry Spoken in the Moment  •  More

Poetically Spiritual. Nature buffers sanctuary from urban sprawl.
Open discussions. Meet bright likeminded souls. 
Pristine nature 365 days a year.Sanctuary Nestled In Nature
Berkeley is 25+ min drive to office. Only 36+ min to sanctuary.

Private bedrooms open to people from all backgrounds. Free socials and meditation with likeminded souls. Popular for souls in their 40’s thru 60’s or so…  Enjoy transcending “group think”.  Enjoy website focused mostly on Innovation Institute, Inc’s non-profit aspects.

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