House Buffered By Nature. Between Berkeley & Downtown Napa
Untouched By Recent Fires

Berkeley is 36+ minSan Francisco 50+ min.
Sacramento 40+ min. Novato 41+ min. 15 min and 9 miles from closest I-80 Fairfield ramp. Faster travel time than you would think during normal traffic. Buffered from urban sprawl in nature bubble. Beautiful South Napa. 70-90 min from three international airports.

Owner Also Enjoys Discussing Gentle Higher Consciousness:
Into being free of drama, hidden agendas and dogma? The nature house is open to people from all backgrounds including those who are spiritual but not religious, Agnostic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist (Zen), JuBu, Pagan, Muslim, Hindu, etc. Usually aged 30’s thru 70. Join occasional gatherings if you like. Connect with Steve’s Facebook and Twitter.

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