Choose Passion Over Dogma

Be Your Passionatel Poetic Self

Transcend machine-like thinking. Be a genuine human before joining any spiritual tradition of your choice.

Enhance your inner erotic side. Gentle erotic poetry inspires.

Being a spiritual poet, or rock star, might feel like being in one’s own religion.

Early Islam stated the prophet wasn’t to be worshiped. However Islam today often worships the prophet like a cult. Yet beautiful poets like Rumi are popular today.

One can ultimately look at anything as a cult. Cultural anthropology shows groups of people form bonds and common understandings. Put simply, extreme conformist thinking without tolerance for open questioning is one definition of a cult.

Terrorist group leaders are great manipulators. They use illicit cult tactics to grow their following. They restrain questions challenging their motives. They are machines which may not understand spiritual poetry.


A group of friends or a closed minded communal living situation might feel like a cult when they say, ‘No outsiders’. Stay open.

Culture may have arisen from a cult. As the group of people grew, healthy divergent thoughts emerged to make the culture less cohesive.

Be clear with others if you expect them to later fit into your way of thinking or “cult”. Don’t pretend to be open minded when not.

People and mammals imitate each other. Humans do this in small to larger national groups. Stepping off the plane into another country lands you into a new semi cultish zone. Changing cultures helps one feel less trapped in their former culture.

Write and share with us spiritual poetry from your inner soul.