Nature Community House Details

Friendly Quiet International Retreat
Nestled In Breathtaking Nature Between Urban Areas
The Real Deal. Free Of Dogma & Political Drama.

Gentle serene nature, trails and energy offer more than an ordinary house could dream. Enjoy bright, spiritual and loving souls. People from all diverse backgrounds and countries encouraged to apply.

The secluded country haven is only 36+ min from Berkeley during clear traffic. Three miles to Fairfield – Napa border. Steve has several acres surrounded by miles of natural wooded hills. Live best of both worlds – near civilization and nature. Between three international airports.

Abundant Nature Near But Separated From Urban Congestion:
Many deer, squirrels, birds, fox, raccoons, etc. Free from urban noise in the background. Instead hear crickets in the summer, night frogs during Napa’s green season, and when raining, the property’s seasonal creek.

Surrounded By Lots Of Open Space:
• Ample room throughout the acres for outdoor chairs, tables, overhead canopies, etc. The moderately steep hillside has native oak, buckeye and bay trees.

spiritual napa house for rent
Sweetie Relaxing. Very Well Behaved!

Utilities & Stuff:
Unlike most country properties on wells, we are on city water as we’re surrounded by urban areas. Getting utilities here from surrounding urban areas is more expensive because we’re surrounded by square miles of nature.  Trucking propane is more costly. As environmental protection restricts diving land to under a half square mile, there are few houses, hence fewer customers for all the work it takes getting it here. PG&E and AT&T lose money but are required to provide service. Utilities are capped at $140 mo with Steve paying the rest. We share at least one shared copper house phone line. Includes: electricity, gas, water, septic, high speed internet, at least one shared copper phone line, firewood burning chimney sweep. Plus Steve covers environmentally sound clothing and dish detergent, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices and paper products. Included are very basic foods: organic brown rice, organic pasta, diverse gluten free flours, oatmeal. Portion of shared fresh vegetables too. As it comes to more than your $140 mo share, Steve covers the extra costs for your peace of mind on knowing what to expect.

Financial Side – What Works For You?
Save on rent.  Save for buying your house later. Rent includes all utilities. What works for you?  Chip in with work on the land and in the house. What you choose to pay and we agree on, depends on different negotiable factors:
• Finances You Can Contribute: What you can afford. Save money by contributing your time for fun community projects.
• Involvement: How much you decide to be part of our community coming to our gatherings and shared Saturday dinners, and Sunday morning group meditation.
• Your non financial contributions in addition to rent can include:
growing vegetables; taking care of the house and 5-acres; making improvements like building a green house with views extending from the living room; building a quality storage structure; cooking; cleaning; etc.
• Your accommodation requirements also effect the rent: Whether you can share your sleeping area or if you require a more expensive private room.
• As it’s owner occupied, no worries about narrow minded landlords. Get creative. Kindly suggest what living arrangements might work for you..!

creative thinking fairfield caHow One Private Room Could Look With Your Furniture

Travel Times – Less Than You Imagined:
• 50+ minutes from San Francisco. Paved country roads short cut is 15+ min to highways 80 and 12.
• Country roads free from rush hour traffic and street lights. Yet near supermarkets  and much more. 25 minutes to downtown Napa’s innovative restaurants like the Oxbo. Public transport isn’t available in the country.
• The address is initially confidential. Please call
707 422-2565. We are on Napa County’s “nose”. We are in south east Napa County, 9 miles from highway 80 and 12, and near Napa’s Gordon Valley Fire Station, Lake Curry, Wooden Valley vineyards. Enjoy fine dining and entertainment at Fairfield’s Mankas Corners and Vezer Winery. We’re buffered from Napa city sprawl by over a dozen miles. Bring nice friends, the more the merrier.
• We’re also near Northern California’s Solano County’s Suisun Harbor, Sonoma County’s Santa Rosa, Lake County’s Middletown, Yolo County’s Davis and Contra Costa County’s Walnut Creek. Travel is by car, Uber or Lyft. Large public transport connecting with BART is 9 miles away. AMTRAK is 14 miles.
• Located between San Francisco International Airport, Oakland Airport, and Sacramento International. Maybe 75 minutes to each airport.

Bring, buy or build your private bedroom furniture. The living room, media room have extra space reserved for those extra furniture. You can set up hammocks and outdoor furniture in private areas of the property for you and friends. Plenty of storage.


Logistical Side:

• Very affordable nature house. Enjoy the best of many worlds, including proximity to civilization, natural secludedness with serene views. Prices are much lower if you are creative and flexible in not requiring a room just for yourself. Rent is at its lowest price considering you will be volunteering to help your future non profit community.
• The number of people in the four room house varies. We enjoy weekend guests.
• You must see the views from the rooms before sunset, when coming to our parties absolutely every Sat.
• Enjoy all the standard amenities an urban house offers.
•  Are you by chance an innovative entrepreneur? Why commute to your company or job? Work here surrounded by nature. Also enjoy the optional furnished private office suites and professional meeting rooms 15 minutes drive.
• The healthy retired, or semi retired on fixed incomes save money.
• We’re flexible and not OCD about omnivores and vegetarians. Recycling and composting is nice.
• Voice Calls: Newer smartphones get decent connection in the house. Or find peace by turning off your cell.  Included landline is a backup for you and guests.
• We try to keep the gentle parties quieter than most. Some enjoy brining sleeping bags over the weekend to escape urban stress.
• Your friendly guests may spend the night on the first floor or camp outside.
• Sufficient firewood on property for decades to come.

CreativeSpiritualismOptional Office Space, Meeting Rooms & Business Address

Optional Office Suites & Public Meeting Rooms:
15 min drive is the shared office building. Has office spaces and five conference rooms. Offers friendly receptionists into higher consciousness, fiber optic internet, business address, mail and package receiving and sending, 4 cent copies, three kitchens, coffee, janitorial. Unlike the house, there’s zero deposit. Free private or co-working hourly spaces for roommates and non profits. All inclusive private full time office suite rentals start at $480 mo.  Driving thru country road to the Fairfield office building is free of rush hour traffic. Ample free parking like the Napa estate.

Healthy Communication:
• Grow by accepting constructive feedback about ourselves. Carefully weight all aspects before arriving at conclusions. Humans claim to be open minded thought everyone sees through filtered lenses and has blind spots.
• Try speaking softly, gently and with love.
• Make it safe to share. Share your feelings within community. You must kindly keep all private info here confidential unless mutually agreed otherwise.
• Grow without dogma, monotheism nor over hashed 1960’s self-help sound-bites. Steer conversations from materialistic culture, crazy politics and superficiality, towards higher consciousness.
• Being truthful, very open, and compassionate fosters peace and harmony. Kindly disclose matters that may effect the community before moving in.
• The highest level of experiential plane is the spiritual one. The highest spiritual level is love.
• Our open minded community is for quiet, ethical, intelligent and gentle souls from diverse backgrounds and countries.

Staying Clear Minded & Free Of Being A Drug Addict:
While pot has medical benefits, it hinders achieving true higher consciousness. The mild hallucinogen counteracts achieving a more stable higher consciousness.  Weed causes laziness issues, etc. Studies show it’s especially harmful for younger people. A wonder drug without side effects doesn’t exist. Instead of seeking the next high to avoid reality, consider morning meditating and moderate wine in Napa nature during the evening.

imaginative genius california Creative GeniusWide Flat Areas Are Partly Below House
Near Banks Of Seasonal Creek

Best Deal Within 50 Min Of San Francisco:
• Where else can you live affordably near civilization and surrounded by nature?  If nature isn’t important for you, prices start lower in nearby urban sprawl.
• Naturally all agreements are in writing. We enjoy house rules based on mutual respect. There are credit and background checks (your credit must be decent).
• Lets get to know each other before you move in. Let’s become friends. It’s more about community than only paying for a place to crash. The nearby highway 80 corridor has furnished weekly hotels with kitchens, motels, etc.

imaginative genius community living san francisco bay area

Best Of Both Worlds. Feels Off The Grid. And Enjoy City Amenities:
• Free electricity, city water and WIFI.
• Enjoy country roads free of congestion and traffic lights. We’re 3 miles beyond Fairfield. 36+ minutes from Berkeley, and Davis the other direction.
• The last some 0.4 miles is a beautiful winding narrow road. It’s private and takes you up for the inspiring views. The entire road to the house is black asphalt.
• Friends come anytime. Others are requested to make an appointment.
• Enjoy the large and very affordable quality food market Larry’s Produce. It’s ten min towards highway 80. Open June thru Dec. There’s also Whole Foods in Napa, plus Trader Joe’s, Raleys and Food 4 Less near I-80.

Priceless Poetic Feel:
From the house and deck we overlook a nice small valley (shown in the pictures).  Enjoy your private view of the small mountain buffer across the valley. It’s protected hence completely free of commerce, houses and roads. Down below, the narrow road to the our property is rarely used. From the privately owned, some 1/2 mile trail, one sees down to Napa vineyards, valley hills, natural terrain, Contra Costa’s Mt Diablo and extensions from San Francsico Bay.  Beautiful tranquil sunsets.

Your Pocket Of Secluded Nature Protected From Surrounding Cities:

The estate is buffered by square miles of nature. Rarity for under an hour from San Francisco! Clockwise we’re surrounded by:
-Vacaville 3 miles (buffered by Blue Ridge hills).
-Fairfield: highways 80 and 12. 15+ min.
-American Canyon & Vallejo
-Downtown Napa: 25 min
-Lake Curry park. May reopen to public for boating, fishing and nature trails.

Other Details:
• Napa County 8% Sales Tax: It’s a bit less than downtown Napa, Fairfield, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, etc.
• Napa County on Wikipedia.
• Regulations protecting nature from urban sprawl protect us but drive up land prices. One can no longer split the surrounding properties under 1/2 square mile.
• Large Rockville Park nearby. Shared pass.
• 9 miles (16 km) from the Heart of Fairfield. Includes historic court house, Italian restaurant, summer farmer’s market. Plus reputable flexible meeting rooms and small office spaces with receptionist available by the hour, day or month with free fiber optic WIFI, coffee and more.
 Details are in the written community house rules and agreement written for mature adults who have had positive experience living with others.

grapes integral living northern california
Much More Than Renting A Space In Some House
It’s the land! All pictures were taken at the sanctuary with iPhones and without photo shop.  You have to visit to believe the energy. Let’s get to know each other..! Meet like minded poetic souls from around the world. Join our free dinner parties every Saturday for interesting conversations and healthy food. If you like, bring hors d’oeuvres, wine or beer.

House’s First Floor:
• Living room with fireplace flows to the dining room then kitchen and deck.  Patio is partly covered.
• The kitchen enjoys a cantilever window for small plants and for sun ripening fruit.
• Main pantry with washer drier. Plus a small walk in pantry.
• Wood deck with nice views.
• Great jet stream hot tub. Beautiful views in the day, and stars at night. The valley enjoys little light pollution from the inner SF Bay Area.
• Possible small art hobby space carved from former 3 car garage for storage, etc. Outdoor nature is great for many hobbies too..!

House’s Second Floor:
• We will be expanding. Now there are three above average sized bedrooms on the second floor, all with serene views without other’s looking in. We are re-configuring the existing shower, indoor hot tub, outdoor jet stream tub, plus two sinks and two toilets.
• The 2nd fireplace room above the stairs leads to four bigger than average upstairs rooms.
• The house’s roofed area is over 3000 sq ft (270+ square meters).

Sharing The Friendly Napa House & Acreage:
Typical telecommuting from the house might work. While we can farm, commercial activity must strictly be done offsite or the nearby Fairfield office building. We can build greenhouses. One might later make a reasonable amount of wine onsite. We’re restricted from running a day to day bed and breakfast. To keep our higher consciousness clear, we don’t allow heavy drinking or weed. Let’s enjoy the friendly, quiet and healthy life surrounded by wilderness.

The highest experiential plane is the spiritual. The highest spiritual level is love.

Mon – Sun 9AM To 10PM
Namaste. Call Steven Craig Kays Today 707 427-2565 Leave a message